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Pueblo Meets the Property Brothers

Property Brothers meets Pueblo Colorado, Ammie Thomas

Have you ever watched the show  “The Property Brothers” and thought it would be so cool to find “that home&#

Horses for Housing, Community Trail Ride

Community Trail Ride in Pueblo West, CO  on Sept. 28, 2013 beginning at 9 am. Support local housing needs, Ride

Pueblo Good Neighbor Next Door Program

Who wouldn’t love to pay 50% of a home’s sale price?  If you are a law enforcement officer, Pre-K through

FHA Loan changes will cost you more money

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced January 30, 2013 that it will raise premiums on new mortgages it insures. The

Should I list over the holidays?

Is now a good time to sell real estate in Pueblo Colorado

Are the Holidays of November through January a good time to list my home or should I wait until after